Company 11:55 is an initiative of 12 actors - graduates of the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (DAMU) in May 2014. After a very successful season at the Disk Theatre and the need to leave this area, the students decided to carry on with their current work and continue together after graduation - and become a professional theater group.

It is not very common that all students from one year decide to work together after graduating. With 11:55, the success of their three graduation performances in the 2013/2014 season, all directed by the young generation of successful Czech theater artists (Petra Tejnorová, Jiří Havelka, Jan Mikulášek), contributed to this. Among others, we presented the Theatre Faculty at the Accidental Festival in London in 2014 with the English version of the performance Trash art ON AIR.

Company 11:55 is currently a permanent resident of the multi-genre space Jatka78.

The uniqueness of the company is primarily in the principle of continuing mutual work after graduation. Each member of the 11:55 team is not dependent only on the company activitities, but we share the energy to do interesting projects. And we want to maintain this feeling – to do theater that makes sense for us and go all the way!


Since June 2016, company 11:55 is also one of the international/transatlantic project members focusing on the value of privacy using the medium of theatre: the Plurality of Privacy Project in Five-Minute Plays, P3M5The project seeks to facilitate a dynamic transatlantic dialogue about privacy issues through short plays commissioned by partnering theatres across Europe and in the US. The theatres have asked playwrights from their countries, “What does privacy mean to you in the digital age?” The answers, in the form of five-minute plays, will be turned into film pieces and performed live by an international network of theatres from January 2017 to June 2018, reaching diverse audiences around the world.